BinanceTurns3: Official launch of Binance Card

It couldn’t be a celebration of the world’s largest exchange without a special announcement. During the BinanceTurns3 conference, they launched a project that we have been waiting for months, officially the Binance Card will be available to the public!

Changpeng Zhao demonstrates use of Binance Card

Official launch of Binance Card!
This is a project that has generated some of the highest expectations in the crypto world, since it promises to be able to use crypto to make purchases in a comfortable way. Besides, we have been hearing about this project for months, accumulating people’s hopes.

To sum up, the Binance Card is what you imagine when you hear its name. It is a card that, using the VISA platform, allows the use of crypto-currencies within the wallet to carry out transactions. What differentiates this card from other projects is that it is not necessary to change your crypto for a Fiat currency beforehand, the platform does it instantly after the transaction.

However, for a long time this project was kept in a testing state, only available to some people in the UK. Therefore, today is finally the official launch of the Binance Card, and it is a historic moment for the cryptomarket.

Josh Goodbody presents his perceptions about the Halving and the future of the Binance Card

First steps
Initially the Binance Card offers two modalities, a digital version, convenient for online shopping, and a physical card, convenient for day-to-day purchases. During the event they even showed how the digital card interface will look like.

Official launch of Binance Card
In addition, Changpeng Zhao confirmed that the digital card currently supports mobile payment platforms such as Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

However, being the first steps, this launch of the Binance Card starts only for Europe, specifically France and Spain. This means that these two countries will be the pioneers of the card. Furthermore, at the moment, the only crypts available for the card are Bitcoin, BNB and BUSD.

Although this should not discourage us, since, to finish the announcement, CZ confirmed that Bitcoin Profit is a global project, one that seeks to dethrone the banks. For this reason, we close the article with their words.