Bitcoin startup StackinSat partners with Journal

Bitcoin startup StackinSat partners with Journal Du Coin website

  • French startup StackinSat partners with the Journal Du Coin website.
  • The association gives birth to an investment platform called „l’Epargne Du Coin“.

StackinSat joins forces with the Journal Du Coin, a French-language media outlet on the latest developments in cryptomoney.

First distribution partnership

Three months after its launch and on the day of its first anniversary, French startup StackinSat is implementing the Cryptosoft distribution strategy of its 100% Bitcoin investment platform by sealing a first partnership with the Journal du Coin.

The objective of this association is to help French-speaking savers to better invest in Bitcoin in a context of strong price increases in recent months.

Jonathan Herscovici, CEO and co-founder of StackinSat, said :

This partnership will facilitate our access to markets that we have struggled to address since our launch. Le Journal Du Coin will give us greater visibility with this foreign clientele.

StackinSat will increase the number of such partnerships in 2021 in order to significantly expand its customer base by partnering with other specialised and general media, traditional investment platforms, other fintechs and online banks when they are mature enough. StackinSat will therefore offer an English version of its website as these partnerships will be aimed at the European market as a whole.

Savings in the Corner

L’Epargne du Coin, a new brand born from this association, will promote the service to its base of 500,000 unique visitors per month and StackinSat, with PSAN status, will be responsible for carrying out the operations within the framework of the regulations in force and providing customer support.

The investment platform „L’Épargne Du Coin“ will expand StackinSat’s customer base by reaching out to people who are already familiar with the world of crypto-money. This new platform will above all enable the company to expand more rapidly in the French-speaking countries of Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg: approximately 20% of the Journal du Coin’s audience is located outside France.